Mousepaints And more, (Fine Art Done With Today's Tech)
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MousePaintings and More
 Fine Art Done With Today's Technology

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Larry D. Spencer's style of mousepainting was created in the 90's After 30 years in Graphic Communication Art and Design, and Editorial Cartooning. I have combined fine and modern art with computer graphics using the finest of software. I create "Mousepaintings" of Fine and Modern Art with today's Technology. Now with over Five hundred creations of paintings and portraits expertly drawn using only the mouse as my paintbrush. I am ready to introduce my "Mousepaintings" to art lovers all over the world. "Mousepaintings" can be used as Screen Savers, Background Wallpaper, Icons, Home and Office. Feel free to veiw the exhibits of my gallery and enjoy a fresh and new flavor in the world of Fine and Modern Art.

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MousePaintings And More
Our Limited Eddition Postcards.
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50 Years of Teaching Pastor Joseph Brown


Come Enter Fusion

(Abstractly Done)
MousePaintings By Larry D. Spencer

This Poem Was A feature !n The Poets Seciety 
2007 Editor's Choice Award

Horseless Rider

I fell upon the deeply poor sorrows of wounded souls,
from shadows the night calls rescue, to no resolve,
I ask myself why, why does this honored man cry?
the harden maidens he saved left him wounded to die.
torn apart with no understanding a horse awaits,
to ride this broken soldier, no woman only locked gates,
up again he roars as lions howl, in stone written walls,
closed ears hears no calls. questions asked.. If god is love,
and love is God, why my heroes welcome deluded by my angels mirage.
I ask for nothing I get nothing,
I ask for love I get none of the above,
how can a woman not love thee,
can eyes contented with distained belief,
my heart tamed and forbidden to hide,
my secrets set on top a horse no one rides.. By Larry Spencer

By Larry Spencer



Mousepaintings and MousePortraits
are priced to fit your pocket.
Just E-mail me at , a disciption of
the painting, you desire.

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On Exhibit All Summer Long
 downtown Belleville ,Ill

Fine Art Done With Today's Technology

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MousePaintings ( First Lady Michelle Obama )

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